To celebrate Spring Bank Holiday we a having another BBQ with the beautiful sounds of The Baroness & The Bear in the garden!

Starting from around 4pm through into the evening we invite you all to come and join us at ‘The Shoes’ for some chilled out, relaxed fun with friends & family. All welcome so get here early to get a good spot!


We will be serving some lovely local beers in support of CAMRA LOCALE. This means that all the local ales are brewed within 30 miles of ‘The Shoes’.


The Baroness and the Bear (Julie & Bob) started performing together in 2014. Aiming to be a little different and incorporate different aspects of blues music. they have been enthusiastically received and delighted to be invited back to play at so many events including blues and music festivals, charity and corporate events, weddings and private parties.

The Baroness and the Bear are the nucleus of the band, sometimes preforming as a duo but are privileged to work with other wonderful musicians such as the very talented Paul Borley drums/percussion, John William – lead guitar/flamenco, Robert Hokum Dobra and Guitar, Sarah O’Neil and Kevin Lowen – Violin.

The spirit of The Baroness and The Bear is to share good times with lovely people.

Julie and Bob have also been studying the History of the Blues with Exeter University, while performing songs in their own style many of the lyrics are steeped in history and reflect the original blues meanings that had no fixed genre when they were first documented.


We source our meat from J.E.Howard at West Newton which is part of Sandringham Estate.

Since 1920, 3 generations of Howard butchers have provided the county of Norfolk with outstanding top quality meat, supplied from local farms and butchered on site. All of our meat produce is fully traceable back to source and we work closely with the farmers to ensure the best quality for our customers.

In 2002 Julian and Clare Howard bought the business from his parents. Julian is very passionate about sourcing locally and has contact with many of the surrounding farmers and buys his animals from them. For example bullocks from Sandringham Estate, pigs from South Creake and sheep from Wormegay, so it is definitely local.